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Flagyl metronidazole tablets for treating recurrent or persistent otitis media. The treatment options for chronic otitis media are limited. occurs due to inflammation of the middle ear, and as with most disorders of the middle ear, there are multiple causes. The inflammation may result from other pathogenic bacteria such 77 canada pharmacy coupon code as Haemophilus influenzae (see below). Alternatively, a benign condition called otitis externa (a benign inflammation of the inner buy flagyl metronidazole online ear, caused by a bacterium known as Otosclerosis) and the benign condition otitis media affect the middle ear and cause symptoms that have similar to otitis media. externa is characterized by pain and inflammation, is also known as otitis media syndrome. It has a poor prognosis and it may even be cured, although the treatment options for this condition are very limited. The last form of chronic otitis media is due to bacterial otitis media. media is caused by either Candida aegypti or C. albicans, also known as yeast, and can be assoc